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    It isn’t only about winning.  Don’t get me wrong, winning is important and feels great!  But there is much more to sport, exercise, competition, and hobbies than just winning.  Performing at a high level requires a combination of physical ability, talent, fitness, and discipline, and then there is the mental part...

    As a former national and international level athlete and coach, finding ways to improve performance has been a way of life for me over 2 decades.  Sport Psychology brings together my experience as a competitive athlete, my instincts as a coach, and my education and training as a Clinical Psychologist to help people improve...and not only performance!  I think it is just as important to feel good about how you performed, how you prepared, and how you improved from last time. 

    I work with athletes in the office or in the field.  I have worked with many different sports and sports teams, including: equestrian, soccer, lacrosse, basketball, volleyball, football, baseball, softball, fencing, swimming & diving, wrestling, tennis, golf, and track & field.


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Jenny R. Susser, Ph.D.

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