Discussion on “Habits”

Posted by on Aug 2, 2013

Discussion on “Habits”

Here are my thoughts on this interesting article from Fast Company.

Read Fast Company article HERE

95% of what we think, do, feel, and say EVERY day is habit! 95%! That leaves very little room for intentional thoughts and actions. So, the key is to create “great” habits and make them part of the 95%, making most of your day “great”! Repeated action is the only way to make something habit, and you can make anything a habit–a physical action, a thought, a feeling. Figure out what “action” you’d like to make a habit, one that will improve your life, and then find a way to repeat that over and over and over (for at least 3 weeks, the article says 66 days). There will come a day you will take this action and not realize you did and BAM! you’ve got a new habit!


  1. I understand about the idea of “habit” but the problem is doing it over and over again until it is one. How does one keep to the task?

    • Keeping to the task is simple but not easy, Susan. It is creating an “action” to take–which can be physical OR mental. Thoughts are actions, too, and when you can create a positive thought-task, it will change how you feel and act. You need to do what I call “putting it in time.” Create reminders, leave notes everywhere, use your mobile device to it’s fullest capacity! Leave nothing to chance and set reminders for what you want to be thinking or doing and when!

  2. Fits right in with the book I’m reading “The Power of Habit”…! It’s a great read! The secret ingredient is:
    B E L I E V E!

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