Fear is real, and it can be paralyzing. Technically, fear is our mental (and subsequently physical) response to a real threat. Anxiety, by the way, occurs without a real or external threat, but is powerful just the same. Our minds and bodies develop “muscle memory” to our fears and anxieties and before you know it, all you have to do it think about riding and your body responds with sweaty palms, elevated heart and breathing rates, and that pit in your stomach. Riding with fear is something many of us do everyday because we love our horse enough to withstand the discomfort—and mostly hope that it will just go away some day. If this sounds familiar, this clinic is for you…


How about “show nerves”, do they ever get in your way? Do you wish you could ride as well at a show as you do at home? Do you avoid showing your wonderful horse altogether because you get anxious just thinking about it? Do you wish you had some magic formula to make your brain go away so you could just enjoy showing or clinicing…join Dr. Jenny Susser for an exciting new clinic to help you RIDE BETTER MENTALLY!


“Riding With Confidence” is a 2-day clinic for riders given by Dr. Jenny Susser. Start off both days with an hour-long lecture on Sport Psychology and begin forming a new foundation of mental toughness. Learn how to improve focus and self-confidence, two integral parts of riding better mentally. Then, get on your horse and ride! With a gallery of on-lookers, your trainer, and a sport psychologist, you’ll feel as nervous as you’ve ever been at any horse show. With your fears or “show nerves” palpable, Dr. Jenny will help you develop confidence and learn new ways to control your physical responses right there on the spot! If riding is too much anxiety to think of, audit and learn from those on their horses…you’ll feel nervous enough watching for it to have an impact, and will get one-on-one time during the breaks. Then, finish out the day with a Q & A discussion, a great way to solidify the learning from the day.


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