High Performance is Trained

To be the best in the world, it takes the best effort. Sport & Performance Psychology is the application of a deliberate and well-designed training program to increase mental toughness and emotional fitness creating a combination of mental, emotional, and psychological capacity to perform with excellence under pressure regularly and reliably—and increase this capacity consistently. In sport, athletes are very good at training the physical mechanisms. All sport training programs are centered on the physical performance, with many missing a psychology element. Corporate training programs can fall into the trap of putting the focus on tips and tricks and getting things done, failing to get to the heart of true performance. Performance is a blend of physical, mental, emotional, and psychological skills and capacities driven by belief and desire, and thus requires training in all areas. Most athletes are highly attracted to the physical training parts. To push on a physical level is a capacity they have developed over the lifespan so it is very natural and the discomfort of physical training is actually very comfortable. Conversely, corporate performers rely on mental and social skills, ignoring the physical and emotional, leaving performance vulnerable to circumstance and typically unreliable.

Sport & Performance Psychology training demands discomfort on a mental, emotional, or psychological level, making this kind of “work” challenging. Most high performing athletes have excellent physical ability or talent, making high performance nearly unavoidable–to a certain level. At the highest levels in sport and competition, the problem is, all of the performers have this physical prowess. In the corporate world, performance requires the same type of balance of skills, with most missing emotional fitness, which keeps decisions as responses, not reactions. It is the combination of mental toughness and emotional fitness that separate the top from the rest and that is where I come in to help.

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