Completely customized one-on-one sessions designed for you, your lifestyle, and your goals. In the office (Ocala, Florida) or over the phone, we work together to design a plan to help you perform better…whether it is on the field, in the office, or at home. For nearly two decades, I have been helping individuals in the sport and business world’s find ways to not only perform at a higher level but to find greater satisfaction and fulfillment while doing so. Personal change is at the heart of improving anything because ultimately, anything we do starts with the self. While not everyone is in love with this concept, it is the truth. However, there are many roads to Rome, so to speak, and with a full toolbox, I can help you find the one that will fit you the best. Having backgrounds in psychology and international-level sport is certainly a plus but we don’t stop there. New discoveries about the brain and the mind are being uncovered regularly, giving us greater tools, techniques, and power to influence our own change more rapidly and with greater and more lasting success than ever.



For sport or business teams, improving power & performance requires a specialized plan with great execution. While being on a team is about working together, there is more than just finding people who get along well. We perform differently in groups than as individuals, with most of us thriving in a supportive environment of people aligned to the same mission. The dynamic nature of team makes success a constantly changing recipe that can be frustrating and challenging (to say the least). There is not a group of people that will ever get along perfectly and that awareness is the first place to gain new power. Having a strong sense of purpose, both individually and for the team, is essential, and can mean more to performance than friendship. Understanding and being able to “read” the other members of your team allows for work and performance to happen naturally without force or judgment getting in the way. We all work in different ways and with different strategies and techniques, and recognizing this creates a powerful environment for performance to flourish. Puzzles give us the faulty assumption that we should all “click” into place and fit perfectly together…but take a puzzle off a flat table and it cannot bear the change in landscape and will come apart immediately. Teams need to be able to flex and bend and adjust to any environment while remaining connected to the other parts. There are days when I will be strong and you will be weak and there will be days when I will be weak and you will be strong–thankfully we have each other. Expect this, prepare for this, and have a plan for the different expressions of strength and expertise on your team. Everywhere I go, no matter kind of team I work with, the lack of understanding of basic human behavior and nature gets supplanted by some article they read or movie they saw about how a team is supposed to behave and function. Sometimes getting along looks messier than we would like but if it creates the intended outcome, is it really a mess? Whether it is communication, motivation, relationship, leadership, or mental toughness training, contact Dr. Jenny today to embark on this journey of improving performance with your team.



A dynamic speaker with a decade of Keynote experience, Dr. Jenny will custom design the right message for your event. Keynote topics include: The Elements of High Performance, Mentally Tough & Emotionally Fit, Performance in All-Weather Conditions, Uncovering Why: The Power of Purpose, Confident Women in an Unconfident World, and Falling In Love With Pressure.



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